Why Wirral?

A New Vision for Wirral

Wirral is launching an ambitious new regeneration vision. We want to accelerate growth and expand opportunities for people across the borough, bringing new life and investment into all our communities.

The vision is about recognizing the things that make Wirral special – our location within a thriving and dynamic City Region, our outstanding natural assets and life-style offer, and the distinctive character and appeal of our town and communities.

What we are doing

We are creating a new dynamic organization to lead and deliver regeneration across the borough. Wirral Growth Company will be a partnership that brings together Council land and planning powers with leading private sector investment and development expertise.

Over the coming months, we will be talking to some of the biggest and most experienced development and investment companies operating in the UK to find a partner who shares our ambitions and vision for the future.

This is a fresh start that recognizes that we need more than a piecemeal approach and short term thinking. We are building a long-term partnership that can renew and re-energize key sites and communities across Wirral – a partnership that can unlock the massive potential of our waterfront, can re-imagine and remake our town centres, and breathe new life into our neighbourhoods.

Local artists, architects and urban designers are already sharing thoughts and ideas about how Wirral can change in future. Here are some early examples from Liverpool-based A2 Architects.

Visions for the future.

Wirral Growth Company has no fixed or firm plans. We will be working with our partners and the wider community to bring forward ideas that bring new life and energy to key sites and communities across Wirral. It’s a chance to identify opportunities and re-imagine places.